Mot-clé : Unaccompanied minors

A gesture for Denko, by Moussa Badjè Doumbia.

« I wish to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who made a gesture for Denko. I reiterate my unshakeable support to the educator whois at risk of losing her job for having expressed her personal distress. In memory of Denko, we must pursue our struggle for a better welcome for isolated minors, but mostly, for that of all men in the world of mankind. »

Moussa Badjè Doumbia

Who killed Denko Sissoko? by Olivier Favier.

« Seen from the window of room 796 from which on January sixth last, a sixteen-year-old teenager from Mali jumped out into the void in circumstances still partially unexplained, the city lights give the landscape a strangely inaccessible appearance. We are at a thirty minute walk from the center, on the heights of la Résidence Belleveu. In the evening haze, the modest Marne county town takes on the image of a dreamed-about Europe. »

Olivier Favier